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Integration of Zoho Assist with Zoho Desk allows you to initiate remote support  and screen sharing sessions directly from your support tickets. No prior setup or installation is required at your end or your remote customer's end to initiate a session. You can also schedule a remote support session or a screen sharing session from your support tickets. Once the session is over, you can update the Desk ticket status, edit the ticket resolution, and add session related notes.


How to enable Zoho Assist add-on in Zoho Desk

  • Once you log in to your Zoho Desk account, click on Setup.

  • Click on Add-ons under Others.

  • Click Enable if the Zoho Assist add-on isn't already enabled.

How to start a session

  • Once you log in to your Zoho Desk account, go to Views in the left menu bar
  • Open the Desk support ticket.
  • Click on Remote Assist.

  • Choose either Access Remote Screen or Share My Screen to initiate a remote support session or a screen sharing session.

  • By default, the invite would be sent to the email address that is mentioned in the ticket. You can also send the invite to a different email address if you wish.
  • Select Start Now to initiate a session now or select Schedule to schedule a session.

  • Session will begin once your customer joins the session..
  • Once the session ends, you can update the ticket status, ticket resolution and session notes for the particular ticket from Zoho Assist Technician Console itself.


  • Scheduling a session is possible only in Professional and Enterprise editions.

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