Contact Summary

The Contact Page includes contact details such as addresses, contact persons, transaction synopsis and recent activities. This page also provides quick links for creating a new transaction, recording payments, sending emails or customer statements. To view the contact page, of each individual contact, go the Contacts tab and select the desired contact from the contacts panel by clicking on it.

The contact page displays the following information on the right side details panel. These details include contact synopsis, transaction synopsis, activity synopsis and action buttons such as Edit, New Transaction, Record Payment, Settings, Email and Statement.

The Contact Details Page has three sections:


Below are the list of fields that constitute the overview section of the contact page.

Contact persons

A contact person is someone who is associated with the primary contact and can be reached in case of business related queries. To add a contact person:

Note: You add upto 100 contact persons to a contact.

Add Contact Person


A list of recent transactions to and from this contact is provided in the Transactions tab. You can filter the list based on the following transaction type options:

Contact Transactions

You can further filter an invoice list based on the transaction status by selecting from the options: All, Draft, Sent, Partially Paid, Unpaid, Overdue, Paid. Clicking on any of the listed transaction item takes you to the respective detail page on Invoices, Bills section, Credit Note or other relevant section.

Recent Activities

A list of recent activities is populated here such as payment reminder generated, invoice created, payment made, contact created etc. Clicking on an activity can take you to the relevant page or transaction preview page of that entity. E.g: When you click an invoice entry, you’re taken to the particular invoice in the Invoice section or clicking on a payment entry takes you to the payment details page in the Bills section and so on and so forth.

Recent Activities

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