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Expected Delivery Date

Expected delivery date of the items you have ordered to your vendor through a purchase order can be set by clicking on the Expected Delivery Date option from the More drop down.

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Convert to Bill

You can convert a Purchase Order into a Bill. The purchase order should be in the Draft state. Select Convert to Bill from the More drop down and a new bill form will open up with all the required information populated. Modify information if necessary and save it as a Bill.

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Cancelling Purchase Order

On the Purchase orders page, you can choose to mark a purchase order as Cancelled if you will not be using the Purchase Order anymore. Once deleted, it cannot be used again. Please note, only ‘Open’ Purchase Order can be cancelled.

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Importing Purchase Order

Import purchase orders Select file to import

Attaching Files with Purchase Order

You can attach any receipts, bills or attachments associated with the purchase order and send it to your customer.

Attaching a file to purchase order

Attaching a file to purchase order

Edit, Clone, Print, PDF, Mail, Delete

You can Edit, Clone, Print, download as PDF, Mail and Delete your purchase order.

Other actions in purchase order

Other Actions in purchase order

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