Transaction Approval

Transaction Approval allows you to verify and approve the transactions that your employees create in Zoho Books. So you can now approve the transactions created before they reflect in your accounts. 

Introducing an approval workflow will let you set additional validations while recording transactions in your Zoho Books organization. This helps to avoid situations where a wrong item or an incorrect quantity may be recorded while making a purchase. Let’s look at a scenario to understand this better.   

Scenario: Jason is a business owner and has multiple employees working for him. A newly appointed staff in the purchase department accidentally sends out a purchase order with a wrong quantity. Jason figures this out and wonders how he could have prevented this in the first place. Immediately, he sets up an approval workflow to ensure that all purchase orders his employees send has their managers’ approval.  

Similarly, you can enable Transaction Approval and the users in your organization can create and save transactions in the draft state and submit them for approval. Once approved, they will be able to mark transactions as open, record payments or refunds and apply credits. Let’s see how you can set up transaction approval to prevent any possible mishap.

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Setting-up Transaction Approval

Transaction Approval Setup is a two step process:

Enabling Transaction Approval

The first step in setting up the approval workflow is to enable the approval option to start approving purchase orders, bills and vendor credits raised by the users in the organization.

To enable transaction approval, 


Adding Approvers

The Admins of the organization have access to approve transactions. However, you can further extend this to your co-workers and add them as approvers. Approvers are users of the organization other than the Admins who have approval access. You can add users to your Zoho Books organization and enable approval permissions to add them as approvers.

To add approvers,



Once you have enabled permissions, you can invite new users to the organization as approvers. To invite new users,


Note: You can learn more about Users and Roles in this Help Document.

Understanding Transaction Approval Workflow

Once transaction approval has been set up, the users in your organization can start creating and submitting transactions for approval. The transaction approval workflow involves two important steps:

  1. Submitting for Approval
  2. Approving Transactions 

Submitting for Approval

The first step is to create transactions and submit them. The submitted transactions will be further processed once the approver has verified them. 

To create a new Bill/Purchase Order/Vendor Credit, 


You will receive a notification once your transaction is approved. 

Approving Transactions

Once the transaction has been approved, the users of the organization will be able to perform all actions associated with the entity To approve the transactions the approver/admin should,



Note: Once you approve a transaction, you cannot undo this action. You can however mark the transaction as Void and later convert it to the Draft state.

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