Real-time Tracking

Zoho Campaigns tracks what happens after you have sent your email and social campaigns. Understand your subscribers, fans and friends better with analytics. Additionally, compare your email campaigns and jot down a list of your subscribers' likes and dislikes.

Track Recipient Activity

See how many, and most importantly, who opened what. Check the forwards to see if there are subscribers who *really* liked your email. And be sure to keep an eye on spam complaints to see how many aren't interested in receiving your emails in the future.

Link Tracking

Check which links in your campaign receive the most clicks and which subscribers click on each link.

Bounce and Autoreplies

Stay away from bounced emails. See how many emails bounced and the email addresses that bounced. Hard bounces are removed instantly and soft bounce will be retried up to three times.

Analyze your Lists

Sometimes reactions to the same campaign can vary greatly depending on your list. Analyze reports for your campaigns based on what list they were sent to.

Track your recipients' location

Know where your opens and clicks come from. Zoho Campaigns points the exact geographical location from where your recipients open your email. This data can help you in running targeted email campaigns.

Social Statistics

Grasp the depth of your campaign on social platforms. Track the reach of your campaign and the level of engagement on social media. Stay informed on the number of likes, comments, tweets and shares your campaign received.

Automated Handling of Spam Complaints and Bounce Cases

Getting notified about spam complaints can do a lot of good to your business. Emails that are marked spam are moved to the do-not-mail list. This keeps you away from sending an email to respective email addresses in the future, even by mistake.

Device Reports

Design and deliver campaigns the way your subscribers want them. Device Reports give you data on the devices and operating systems your subscribers use to open your campaigns. You can design future campaigns based on what is being used the most.

Campaign Comparison Reports

Compare multiple sent campaigns to see which did better than the other in terms of open rate, click rate, spam complaints and more. Understand how your subscribers react to which campaign.

Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics account to Zoho Campaigns and track link click activity back to your website. Learn which links are generating more traffic, which subscribers have clicked on the link, and much more.

Share Reports

You can easily share your campaign reports with your colleagues without having to share your account credentials. Generate a secure URL, share it, and analyze the performance of your campaigns with your team from anywhere, anytime.