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Getting started with Zoho Campaigns

Create a professional-looking email in minutes using Zoho Campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns: Integration with Zoho CRM

Nurture and engage your leads with the Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns integration.

Zoho Campaigns: Integration with Bigstock

Pick and purchase a perfect image for your newsletter from within Zoho Campaigns.

Getting the most out of Zoho Campaigns and CRM integration

Benefits of using Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM together.

Best Practices for Zoho Campaigns

Some best practices to improve your email marketing ROI.

Webinar: Secrets of Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing - Set and forget.

Webinar: Secrets of Automated Marketing 2

Link marketing and sales effectively to win more customers.

Webinar: Secrets of Automated Marketing 3

Engage, qualify, inform, and sell more using Automated Marketing.

Creating and sending your first campaign

A simple guide to effective email marketing.