A smarter way to call with CRM.

To have a good relationship with every customer, it's crucial that sales teams make personal connections over the phone. Connect your phones and call management applications to Zoho CRM so your team can have more context on every call.

Single-click dialing.

Make calls from CRM and stop wasting valuable time dialing phone numbers. Click the call icon to start calls while you're looking at any lead or contact page.

Never miss another call with prompt reminders.

When you have dozens of calls to make and multiple deals to closely follow, remembering every task you need to do can be a real challenge. With Zoho PhoneBridge, you'll get reminders to make every scheduled call.

Personalized customer service.

Even if you have hundreds of customers, you can greet them all by name when you connect your phones with CRM. Establish personal connections by seeing past conversations, notes, and tasks associated with each customer who calls.

Save time with automatic call logging.

Automatic call logging makes manual entry a thing of the past. Use the call pop-up window to add notes, create follow-up tasks, or assign the contact you spoke with to a sales rep. Streamline your call-logging process.

Call analytics.

Measure your sales team's performance and motivate them to improve with call analytics. Built-in charts and reports let you visualize your call data and help you figure out how to provide a better customer experience.

Choose your call management service provider.

Zoho CRM comes fully integrated with several popular PBX and call management providers including Twilio, RingCentral, Ring.io, Ozonetel, Knowlarity, Promero, and more.