After switching from Salesforce to Zoho CRM, Benchmark's efficiency increases exponentially

Benchmark offers an melange of email marketing tools that enable businesses of any size to reach customers around the world. Benchmark is consistently ranked in the top 5 email marketing companies worldwide.


Sometimes, finding the right CRM for an operation means moving beyond "good enough" in terms of functionality and overall satisfaction. Benchmark was already using Salesforce, but weren't completely satisfied with its offerings. Soon, they began hunting for a cost-efficient CRM platform that could provide a high level of management and flexibility on a large scale (Benchmark has over 70 user licenses worldwide).

Zoho is extraordinarily easy to implement. The transition process took just 72 hours.


"Switching to Zoho CRM made us more efficient at a much lower cost. They offered an improved interface and usability experience compared to Salesforce. Most importantly, the transition process was entirely painless and took only about 72 hours," said Miller.


"There was an exponential increase in employee productivity, to say the least," Miller said. "Ever since we switched from Salesforce, we are spending one-tenth the price, our sales team is probably ten times more efficient, and everyone is able to do their jobs so much faster." Zoho helps connect Benchmark's dispersed offices and continues to play an integral role in helping Benchmark create the personal experience that is so important to their mission. "In the end we are so glad we made the switch to Zoho CRM when we did. Zoho CRM gives us a real sense of security both now and for the future." Miller said.

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