Configure, build, change. Keep sales going.

Use Sandbox to replicate your CRM account in a tightly controlled environment. Make changes, test processes, and modify customization without interrupting the day's sales. Once you've tested your Sandboxed version, get ready to roll it out to your team.

Check every change with 100% accuracy.

Sandbox is the right partner to equip your CRM and meet the demands of your evolving sales process. Because Sandbox clones your CRM with its settings, configurations, and functionality, you can check if the right workflows are triggered when updating a record, or if your assignment rules are executed correctly when new records are created. You can also create and test custom functions and fine-tune the configurations without disturbing your sales process. Test your changes with the Sandboxed version of your CRM to ensure it delivers the desired outcome.

Beta test changes before they're fully deployed.

Unsure if your team will embrace the new setup well? Before any adjustments rolled out permanently to CRM, give access to just a few members so they can review each change by performing the same actions they would in their actual account. Once all modifications have been tested in Sandbox and approved by your team, just schedule a day and update your CRM when you expect the least traffic.