A secure, flexible, and scalable CRM to keep you constantly growing.

Higher profits mean higher stakes. Comprehensive security features and fine-grained permission settings keep your business online and your data safe. From launching a new product to entering a new market, design processes that get the job done.

Secure data.

Security is always a top priority when you're dealing with business data. But often, organizations have to balance between protecting their customers with heightened security and giving employees the freedom to get the work done. With its built-in security features, Zoho CRM meets both of these requirements. Provide the best working environment for your team, without sacrificing their freedom.


    Prevent unwelcome visitors with IP restrictions.

    Preventing unauthorized access to your business data is a major concern in cloud security. Zoho CRM's IP restriction feature lets you limit unauthorized users by only allowing sign in from designated IP addresses like your corporate network. This means that even if your users have their credentials stolen, your CRM will still be protected from unauthorized access.


    Keep your data close.

    As a Zoho CRM customer, you get to choose where you want your data to be hosted. Select from state-of-the-art data centers in the US and EU.


    Tighten security with two-factor authentication.

    In the era of phishing attacks and identity theft, relying on your password alone is no guarantee of security. Two-factor authentication in Zoho CRM provides an additional layer of security for your account. Log in using your mobile phone or Google Authenticator.


    Stay secure with strong password policies.

    A strong password is the easiest way to prevent malicious users from accessing your credentials. Zoho CRM's passwords require a mix of numbers and upper and lowercase characters, making them harder to crack.


    Track user activity with audit logs.

    Most managers need to monitor their sales team's activities. Zoho CRM helps you confront that challenge with audit logs so you can track who did what and when. Be aware of what happened before and after an event, identify records associated with certain events, and make proactive decisions.


    Put the right responsibility into the right hands.

    Zoho CRM's enterprise-level security features allow administrators to set different levels of access permissions so they can keep a close eye on who can do what and view which information. Learn more.

Flexible customization.

Because every business is unique, you need a CRM that works the way you do. Choose from an array of customization tools in Zoho CRM and find solutions for your evolving systems.

Scalable solutions.

Your business changes, why shouldn't your CRM? Zoho CRM is designed to grow and evolve as your systems do, keeping you relevant to your customers and as dynamic as your market.