Associate check-in to an event

If your business largely requires you to travel and constantly be on the move, then check-in is for you.

In Zoho CRM, sales managers and sales reps can manage their work-related visits easily with the help of check-ins from the Zoho CRM mobile app.

A check-in from the Zoho CRM mobile app is always associated to an event. When you check-in from a location, the app prompts you to associate the check-in with an existing event. You can click the desired event and record the check-in for that event. In case there are no events for the record, you will be prompted to create a new event.

Consider the following scenario to understand how you can organize and monitor check-ins in Zoho CRM.

  • A sales manager creates events, (client visits) to be made by his/her sales rep.
  • The sales rep visits the client offices and checks-in from each location.
  • Each check-in is associated to the respective event in Zoho CRM. This tells the sales manager that the sales rep has visited the client.
  • Also, the check-in is recorded as a note associated to the lead/contact in Zoho CRM.
  • The sales manager can then create reports based on the check-ins to draw inferences. For example, he/she can create a report to see all check-ins made by location or by a particular sales rep.

Note that a check-in can only be made from the mobile app and not from the web version, as it is a feature meant for people on the move. When a check-in is made, the location from which it was made is recorded in CRM; therefore this is a fool-proof method to keep a track of client visits.


  Profile Permission: Create Activities permission.


 Associate a check-in to an event

When you have reached a client's office, you can check-in to the location using the Zoho CRM mobile app. When you check-in, you will associate it to an existing event.

To associate a check-in to an event

  1. Go to Leads/Contacts/Accounts modules.
  2. Tap the Check-in icon to create a check-in. 
  3. If there is already an event associated to the contact, the exisiting event(s) show up. 
    Select an event . The check-in is associated as a note for the event. 
  4. If there is no event, the app prompts you to create a new event for the check-in. 
    Create a new event and associate the check-in to the event. 


  • When a check-in is made, an update regarding the check-in is posted to Feeds automatically.

 View details of a check-in

Once a check-in has been associated to an event, the details of the check-in can be seen in the details page of the event it is associated with as well as the related lead/contact'account details page.

To view check-in details in the Event's details page

  1. Go to the Activities module.
  2. Click the desired event.
  3. The associated check-in details are displayed.

To view check-in details in the Lead/Contact/Account details page

  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts/Accounts module.
    Check-ins can also be associated to any other module in which events can be associated.
  2. Click the desired record.
  3. The details of the check-in associated to the record are displayed as a note for the record.

 Create check-in reports

Sales managers can create check-in reports to make inferences regarding the field visits assigned to their sales reps. Zoho CRM provides a suite of default reports for check-ins.

To access check-in reports

  1. Go to the Reports module.
  2. Click Event Reports.
    The default reports are listed. You can also create new reports based on check-ins.

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