Shopify for Zoho CRM

Shopify is an e-commerce platform used to set up an online store. With this extension, you can now easily sync data about customers, sales, and product details between your Shopify store and Zoho CRM.

Install the Shopify Extension

You can either go to the Zoho Marketplace and install the Shopify extension or log in to your Zoho CRM account and install.

To install the Shopify extension:

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All.
    All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported by your CRM.
  2. Click All Extensions, browse for Shopify, and click it.
    The details about the extension will be available.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Service and click Install.
  5. Select the profiles of the users for whom you want to install the extension and click Confirm.
  6. In the pop-up, click Authorize.
    If you skip this step, you can authorize the extension later from the Shopify Extension Details page.
  7. Specify the Shop Subdomain of your Shopify account and click Save.
    Your shop sub domain is the name you provide for your online store while creating your Shopify account.

Import Shopify data with Zoho CRM

To import Shopify data

  1. In the Zoho CRM dashboard, choose the Shopify module.
    On selecting, the Shop Name and User Account of the authorized account will be specified.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Select a module and click Import.
    Your Shopify data will be imported into this module. All details are classed under Sync Activity, Product Details and Orders inside the Shopify module. 

    The customers from Shopify are displayed in Leads/Contacts modules (depending on sync options) and the products appear is a separate Products module.
  4. Once import is done for the first time, the data remains synchronized between Shopify and Zoho CRM.


  • The orders' details from Shopify appear in the Sales Orders module in Zoho CRM.
  • After initial data synchronization, any changes in Customer details in Shopify will be changed in Zoho CRM instantaneously. Similarly, any changes in product details and orders on Shopify will also be changed promptly in the respective modules in Zoho CRM.

Uninstall Shopify

You can uninstall the Shopify extension whenever you wish to. Remember that deleting this extension will delete all its associated data.

To uninstall Shopify app:

  1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All.
    All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported in your CRM.
  2. Browse for Shopify and click the corresponding Uninstall link.
  3. Click Okay to confirm in the confirmation pop-up that follows.
    The extension will be uninstalled.

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