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Getting Started with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM serves to be a one-stop solution for managing your business, which brings together a host of different aspects into one integrated unit. Going beyond the conventional definition of a Customer Relationship Management software, Zoho CRM is designed to include several other supporting functionalities that aid you in your everyday business process.  With Zoho CRM, you can implement your own workflow rules, send automated emails to your leads or customers, assign tasks to your sales or marketing team, handle your inventory, integrate any third-party application with the CRM, and so much more.

Zoho CRM eliminates the hassles that come with using multiple rudimentary tools for handling business processing, such as spreadsheets or other single-purpose applications, by containing all the required functionalities under one roof. With advanced features, such as Zia- the AI assistant, Workflow rules, Blueprint, Functions, etc. it is a tool for running your business in an efficient manner, increasing productivity and helping you sell smarter, better, faster.

Editions in Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is available in 4 different editions to the users:

  • Free Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

We also have a 15-day trial version for Professional, Standard and Enterprise Editions. When you sign up for the Free Edition, you can evaluate these editions before you buy them.

Apart from the Free edition all other editions are based on user licenses i.e. based on the number of users who are going to log in and access the organization's CRM account. For your organization, all user licenses that you purchase should belong to the same edition. For instance, you cannot purchase 10 user licenses in the Standard edition and 5 user licenses in the Enterprise edition, for one organization.  

One size does not fit all, so each edition is bundled with a set features. For details about features' availability and limits in every edition, refer to the Feature Availability table. Zoho CRM is a pay-as-you-go service, and you will be billed on a monthly or yearly basis for the edition that you are currently using. So there is flexibility to upgrade your edition or downgrade it anytime.

System Requirements

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based application, and therefore the application and the data are not stored in your computer system's memory. Since cloud applications rely on remote servers, you are required to have a continual internet connection for accessing Zoho CRM. You are not required to download or install any files in your computer to use CRM.

Zoho CRM is compatible with basic system configuration, the details of which are listed below.

Operating SystemWindows, Linux and Mac OS X
Web Browser

Safari 7 and above

Chrome 40 and above

Firefox 38 and above

Internet Explorer 11 and above

Opera 10 and above

Other requirements

Enable JavaScript 
Enable Cookies 
Install Flash plug-in 
Install Acrobat reader  (optional)
Install Spreadsheet viewer (optional)

Note for Internet Explorer 8 users:

  • Open browser and click Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Multimedia.
  • Keep ‘SHOW PICTURES’ and ‘SMART IMAGE DITHERING’ options selected.

File Storage

Zoho CRM offers storage space in your CRM account, to store files such as attachments in emails, email templates, attachments in records, and so on. The default storage space offered differs for each edition

  • Free - 1 GB
  • Standard - 1 GB + 512 MB /user license
  • Professional - 1 GB + 512 MB /user license
  • Enterprise - 1 GB + 1 GB /user license

You can purchase additional storage of up to 200 GB at a price of 4$/month for 5GB. Go to your Manage Subscription page, in your account details. To view a breakdown of your current storage usage and available storage space, go to Setup > Data Administration > Storage. See Also, Storage in Zoho CRM  

Mobile Apps for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is available as a native mobile app for Android and iOS platforms, which allows you to access your CRM data from your mobile devices. You can perform several actions with your mobile editions of the CRM, such as creating or modifying records for various modules, logging calls made to the records in any of the modules, working offline, sending emails to contacts, etc. The features present in the CRM app of Android and iOS platforms are almost the same, albeit slight differences. However, the CRM app for iPad contains limited functionality comparatively. See Also, Mobile Edition


Understanding Zoho CRM 

Before you begin setting up your account, here are a few things that you can go through to understand the CRM interface and it's options. This will help you naavigate the system well and help you make the best use of CRM. Learn More

Account Setup 

Start setting up your Zoho CRM account by adding your company details and personal information. Then you can create roles and profiles according to your organization's requirements and add users. Learn More 

Product Customization 

Next, customize your account based on your industry standards and business requirements. You can begin by customizing fields, page layouts, themes, tabs and list views. Learn More 

Common Operations 

Take a quick glance at some of the common operations such as importing, exporting, navigating and searching records in Zoho CRM. Learn More 

Getting enterprise-ready 

If you are managing a large enterprise, here are some features that you could get started with in order to meet your business requirements. Learn More 

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