Microsoft Integrations - An Overview

Microsoft Integrations - An Overview

Zoho CRM offers an intriguing feature by enabling seamless synchronization of two applications. Using several Plug-in options, your Zoho CRM account can now be synchronized with a wide range of Microsoft applications (MS Oulook, MS Word and MS Office 365). These features enable you to integrate the data stored in your Microsoft account, like your contacts, updates or calendar events with your CRM account. Zoho CRM app for Office 365 allows you to invite CRM users using both the applications. Summing up, these integrations will allow working on both the platforms without switiching over applications frequently.

Plug-in for MS Outlook (Mac)

Synchronize calendar events and updates from Microsoft Outlook for Mac to Zoho CRM.

Plug-in for MS Outlook (Windows)

Configure Zoho CRM Plug-in in Microsoft Outlook for Windows and synchronize calendar events and more. 

Plug-in for MS Word

Create various mail merge documents like forms, letters, envelopes, etc. using CRM data.

Microsoft Office 365

Synchronize your calendar events and contacts or import users between Office 365 and CRM, allowing dual approach.

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