Setup in Zoho CRM

  • General Settings

    Add your personal details and set up your organization's details, fiscal year, business hours, currencies and more.

  • Users and Control

    Explore user management activities such as creating roles and permissions, and adding and managing users.

  • Channels

    Check out some effective ways to stay connected and interact with your prospects in a more intelligent manner.

  • Customization

    Personalize your account with powerful customization tools that enables businesses of all sizes to adopt quickly.

  • Automation

    Automate your business processes by setting up workflows, sending automated responses, and streamlining your sales process.

  • Data Administration

    Manage your data and maintain a clutter-free database with import, export, and duplication management.

  • Marketplace

    Develop connections and cultivate stronger bonds with your clients by integrating third-party applications with CRM.

  • Developer Space

    Use developer tools like widgets, SDKs, functions to build customized apps, and integrate with third-party applications.

  • GDPR and Zoho CRM

    Get guidance on how to secure customer data, and focus on making your business compliant with privacy regulations.

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