In today's world, businesses deal with mammoth sizes of data that come from multiple sources. It could be a simple phone enquiry that you just had, a new follower on your Facebook page or a bounced email in your marketing campaign. Making sense of such data would mean the world to you, because it is this huge pile of data in which lies a huge business opportunity.

Zia is an AI-driven sales assistant for Zoho CRM. She optimizes your CRM data through data mining and machine learning to deliver key business information such as sales predictions, suggestions and alerts. It is not only based on what goes into the system, but Zia even learns how each salesperson uses Zoho CRM for all her analysis. With Zia, you can understand your customer behavior proactively and deliver personalized marketing campaigns and services to improve your sales.

Best time to Contact 

Always be aware of the best time to reach your Contacts and waste no time in waiting for a reply.

Trend Analysis 

View key business metric trends and be notified of anomalies.

Macros Suggestion 

Save time by saving auto-suggested macros. Zia smartly suggests macros based on your CRM activities.

Workflow related notifications 

Zia helps you with workflow related notifications to ensure no two workflow based email templates overlap with each other.

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