Leads App

Capture trade show leads directly into Zoho CRM.

Follow-up with trade show attendees quickly, and never again worry about scanning badges and importing data into CRM.

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Trade shows involves a lot of time and work but getting the leads from them into your CRM doesn’t have to be. Traditionally, you’d scan the attendee’s badge using a bulky lead-tracking device, then wait for the trade show organizers to give you the attendee’s list at the end of the show. Or, you’d get a stack of business cards with notes written on it, waiting to be fed in your CRM system. By the time your sales rep follows up, there’s minimal chance of converting leads into opportunities.

Here’s one way to capture attendee’s details directly into Zoho CRM from your iPhone and Android smartphone – the Leads App. It’s simple and quick. Just scan the QR code in the attendee’s badge, or take a picture of their business card from your smartphone. Follow-up with the attendees instantly by assigning a lead owner to quickly carry out the follow-up tasks, or send follow-up emails right from the app, all while at the trade show!

Eliminate importing from Spreadsheets.

Do away with bulky lead scanning devices and imports. Instead, increase the time spent on lead engagement and interaction by getting the lead details directly into Zoho CRM. Be it scanning QR code in badges, or extracting details from business cards, the app intelligently fills-in the appropriate data.

Follow-up with leads instantly.

You don’t have to wait till the end of the trade show to shoot out a 'thank you' email or send documents requested by the attendee. Increase the chances of converting leads into opportunities by assigning Lead Owners from the app. Send follow-up emails, add Tasks and Notes while at the trade show, and keep your team in sync.

Link leads to campaigns automatically.

Linking leads to campaigns is a tedious and gruesome task, but not in the Leads app. Determine the success of a trade show by automatically linking leads to campaigns upon scanning their badges and business cards. Also, add leads manually to an event if you're unable to scan badges and business cards.

Scans business cards in different languages.

Attending trade shows in other countries with business cards in regional language? No problem. The app recognizes business cards in English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. It’s also easy to switch between the languages.

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