Multiple channels, one conversation.

Your customers are everywhere; you should be, too. Zoho CRM’s multichannel support means you can interact with them the way they want, from on the phone to live chat, or email and social media. Keep track of all the conversations in a single place while following your own interaction rules and sales processes. Communicate and connect to give customers a better experience.


SalesSignals lets you reach out to prospects in real time. With an organized feed, you can see how they are interacting with your website, marketing emails, social media, outreach, and more. Stay on top of your customers' activities to get better insights and have more engaging conversations.

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Best time to contact

Timing is everything in sales. Zoho CRM uses Zia’s data intelligence to analyze response patterns and auto-suggest the best time to call or email your customers. Zia removes the guesswork for you and increases the chances of a contact responding to your calls and emails. She helps your busy salespeople plan their day, carry out their follow-up tasks effectively, and meet their goals.

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Zoho CRM lets you see the full history of correspondence between you and your prospects or customers. With fine-grained privacy and security permissions, managers of a sales team can see the communication that's taken place among their team and customers. Detailed reports on viewer stats, click-through rates, and analytics for email and templates help create better interactions with customers. For the ultimate experience with email, check out Zoho SalesInbox, the only email client built exclusively for salespeople.

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Find out whether your website visitors are new or existing customers before you even start a chat. From CRM, access the chat history of your leads, contacts, and customers. Convert your live chats into leads, add deals, and create follow-up tasks from your chat window.

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CRM has all the information you need to be prepared for every call you make or receive. Our Phonebridge integration means you can start your calls and view customer information from the same place. Take notes to remember your conversation for the next time and set reminders to follow up with customers. You can also check out all the calls you missed while you were away.

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Discover new prospects and leads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and stay connected with your customers across social networks. Follow their posts, view their profiles, and use context from CRM to communicate with your customers in real time. Create your own listening streams to focus on your most important contacts and get instant updates when keywords are mentioned online.

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Focus on people and conversations that matter


The best customer relationships come from having in-person communication, which is why Zoho CRM's mobile app is designed for sales teams on the move. Check your notes before a meeting, look at a map to locate prospects nearby, and take pictures of business cards to save leads to CRM before you lose track of them. Use the check-in feature to let your team know where you are, and Zoho CRM's calendar to organize your seminars, networking events, and team meetings.

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