Know Now. Act Now.

To effectively engage customers, you need more than just their basic info. You need to know exactly how your prospects are engaging with your site, how they are engaging with your email marketing, if they are speaking with other people at your company and even what they're doing in social media. And you need to know now, in real time.

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Strike while the iron is hot.

Timing is critical to sales success. Did that potential prospect you have been chasing all week just open your email? With SalesSignals, you'll be notified immediately.

Connect the dots.

Customers can reach you in many ways - calls, emails, chat messages, social media. But are your sales reps equipped to engage across multiple channels? SalesSignals ensures you keep track of all customer activities by displaying them in an organized timeline.

Transform knowledge into action.

Gain insights into what your customers and prospects are up to so your team can have more engaging conversations. Follow what your customers are saying about you on social media so you can respond right away.

Tailored to your team.

Choose the SalesSignals that are important to you. Turn the less important sources off and reduce the clutter. Are you a B2B company with no social selling? Silence those signals and only see items that matter, like support tickets. You only get to see the SalesSignals for prospects assigned to you, so there's no confusion or duplication.

Real-time signals from any third-party app.

When you use different apps to run your business, checking their notifications individually can be a pain. But with SalesSignals, you can keep track of every notification, no matter where it's from.

Integrate any third-party apps with your CRM through APIs, and get real-time notifications. We also offer default integrations such as Zoho Survey and Zoho Campaigns.