Which desk fits you best?

We know that there's no "one size fits all" with customer service. Whether your team is small or large, whether you're a freelancer or a startup, you need the right tool to be customer-centric. Pick the one that suits you best and read on.

LOVE the new look, feel and functionality! My absolute FAVORITE thing is the ability to access our knowledge base and insert certain articles right in to the response to our customer. Super time-saver, thank you!

Jody PupeckiCoffeeRocket

I really love the new interface. You guys did a great job.

Tammy Hawkins

I use the dashboard and admin panel which looks great and works as expected. Keep on doing great software!


Thank you for the new release—it feels and acts like we wanted it to :)

Jamie CarterWestTel International

Where do you want me to start? So many good features, vast improvement.

Bill QuinnZoho Partner

The design is very neat and looks good. I am a huge fan of Zoho!

Prasad Shelar

I enjoyed the experience. It feels sleek and like it belongs in the 21st century. Love the new Reports. Like the simplicity of the Tickets Dashboard and different views.


I'm very, very happy with the new Zoho Desk. Very good job!

D VelazquezWebProgramacion

Zoho Desk is so easy to use and see what has happened with the issue related to the ticket. Working as a team, we can see what other people have done on a ticket.

John OwnbyHibner

I like that it allows us to keep track of everything in one central place.

Anish Kapur