Many hands make light work

Build better ideas by sharing them with your team or group. Collaborate on projects with your coworkers, whether they're in the office or working remotely. Stay flexible while keeping in control by tracking your document from ideation to publication from anywhere.

File visibility.

No need to send documents individually to each member of your team. Get a link and share it privately, or make it public to everyone in your organization. Decide who can see files by using specific criteria.


Collaborators only

Invite specific people, using their individual email addresses to grant them access to the file.


Visible within the organization

Have something to announce to your company? Make your files visible within a particular domain.


Public on the web

Spread your ideas to the world. Make your files open to everyone using a web link.


Public on the web with password

Filter access to your files on the web. Protect your files with a password so that you can choose who can see them.

Decide who does what.

Grant access based on each team member's function.



Share equal responsibility. Enable co-ownership for a document.



Let people collaborate with you. Permit them to view and edit your files.


Read only

Keep your partners and stakeholders in the loop by allowing them to view your documents.



Invite suggestions from your co-workers. Allow them to review and comment.

Work together. Work efficiently.

Make better decisions and bring out the best in your team. Take the confusion out of collaboration and bring focus to your tasks.


Debate and discuss

Interact with your collaborators while you work using the in-app chat feature. Alternatively, you can chat with anyone in your organization with the integrated Zoho Chat option.


Be in control

Eliminate overwriting while collaborating with your colleagues. Take sole charge of your work with the Check-In/Check-Out feature, which allows only one person to work on a document at a time.


Revisit your work

Does yesterday's write-up seem better than today's copy? Zoho Docs lets you recover all previous versions of a document. Avoid the mess of creating multiple copies of the same file. Compare versions, and assess which parts work the best.


Mark as final

Make your meetings meaningful. Finalize your document to know exactly which file to present and discuss. Keep all your team members on the same page with file status updates.

Be more aware.

Manage your team and follow their work step-by-step. Keep track of your work and help your team wherever necessary.


Audit trail

When collaborating on a document, it's important to keep track of who made which changes. Hold collaborators accountable for these changes.


Get notified

Don't get lost in a maze of edits. Get instant notifications via email any time changes are made and stay up-to-date on modifications made to your file.


Keep your team on track

Assign tasks to your team and manage your workflow. Get documents created, reviewed, or approved by any group or team. Set timelines and reminders to keep your team focused.


User access reports and stats

Identify which team members have accessed and worked on your document. Get details about the date, time, editor name, and number of times your file has been opened.

Work away from work.

With more teams dispersed around the world, any space can be a workplace. Take your work with you wherever you go.

  • Collaborate and share unlimited files with your teams, friends, and colleagues from anywhere in the world.
  • View all information shared with you at any time, across all devices.
  • Documents last worked on, either by you or your team, will appear at the top of the list, so you'll always know when an update is made.