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Frequently Asked Question

How does the Zoho Mail referral program work?

Simply put, when a business that is already using Zoho Mail successfully invites another business to Zoho Mail, we'll add 5 bonus users (5GB storage /user) to both the business accounts.

An invitation is successful when the invited business signs up for a Zoho Mail, hosted email plan and points its domain's MX records to Zoho Mail servers. Here is a more detailed illustration of a successful referral cycle:

  • Email administrator of business A, an existing Zoho Mail customer, sends an invitation containing a unique referral code to a friend in business B.
  • Business B signs up for a Zoho Mail hosted email plan. For example, let's say the Free plan that offers 25 users free by default.
  • The email administrator of business B points the MX records of business B's domain to Zoho Mail servers.
  • 5 bonus users are updated in business A's email account.
  • 5 bonus users are updated in business B's account, in addition to the default 25 free users included in the Free plan, giving a total of 30 free users.
I am the email administrator of a business currently using Zoho Mail. How do I send invitations to my friends?

Go to the Send Invitations page. Sign in to your account. Choose how you would like to send an invitation - Email, Facebook, Twitter or all of them. If you are sending an invite through Facebook or Twitter, you will be prompted to log in to your respective account. It's that simple.

I received an email invitation to try Zoho Mail. What should I do next?
  • Select and sign up for a Zoho Mail, hosted email plan (IMPORTANT: During sign up, please use the same email address in which you recieved the invitation).
  • Add your business domain and verify ownership to it.
  • Point MX records of your domain to Zoho Mail servers.
  • Once pointed, 5 bonus users will be added to your account, in addition to what comes with the plan you signed up for.
  • Simultaneously 5 bonus users will be added to the referrer's account.

Note: Once a referrer sends an invitation, bonus users will be credited to referrer's account only when the invited business points MX records to Zoho Mail.

If you have any questions, please send a note to

How many invitations can I send? Is there a limit to the number of bonus users I can get?

You can send any number of invitations. We don't want to stop you from spreading the word about Zoho Mail! However, you can gain only a maximum of 25 bonus users. So the first 5 successful referrals you send, only count towards your bonus users.

What other conditions have to be met to get the referral bonus users?

All that we look for is whether a user is genuinely inviting another legitimate business to Zoho Mail. The following basic credibility conditions have to be met to get the bonus users added to both accounts:

  • The referral will be considered valid only after the referred domain's MX entries are pointed to Zoho Mail Servers.
  • The domains which you refer should be genuine and should have credible email activity. If the referred domain switches the MX records away from Zoho Mail within 1 month of sign up or if it does not have regular activity, the free bonus users earned will be cancelled.
  • Primary domains with important TLDs (extensions) like .biz, .com, .edu, .gov, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .co etc and country specific TLDs (extensions) like .us, .uk, in, .fr will only be considered for free user bonuses.