Intelligent Automation

Automate your repetitive processes to invest more time in making happy employees.

Email Alerts

Improve your workflow with automatic email alerts and be up-to-date at all times. Get instant notifications when specific actions such as requests, status updates, edits and approvals are executed. Learn More

Multi-level Approval

Multi-level Approvals are significant in organizations that follow a certain hierachy. This process enables you to approve or reject a record at multi-levels, based on the structure of your organization. You can also configure more than approver for a single form as per your requirements. Learn More


With Zoho People, take timely actions for important events by setting Reminders! This includes reminders for probation reviews, appraisals, birthdays, date-of-hires and much more! Create and customize your own pre-written reminder templates and get notified automatically. Receive individual email reminders for every upcoming tasks. Learn More


Make sure everything that needs to be done, gets done. Track your tasks and schedule time to be more efficient and productive. Learn More