Project Budget

Project Budget

Managing budget is a crucial part of any project. A budget can help managers improve cost management and reduce budget overruns. Project managers can view the planned versus actual cost in real time with the budget status report. Multiple currencies can be set for different projects to help businesses operating in different countries. By integrating with accounting tools such as Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books, managers can sync their project data and generate invoices.

  • Feature Availability: Premium and Enterprise plans. Also available for CRM Plus and Zoho One users. 

How do I...

 How to enable budget

  1. Click  in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select Org Settings under Portal Configuration.
  3. Select Task & Timesheet.
  4. Navigate to Budget Settings and toggle Enable Project Budget.


  • The Project Budget is enabled by default for admin profiles. 
  • For other profiles, you can enable it in Profiles and Roles.

 How to set up a budget for your project

  1. Navigate to Projects and then click New Project.
  2. Enter the project details.
  3. Select the currency based on your requirement in the Budget section.
  4. Choose the Billing Method.
    • Based on Staff Hours - Users are assigned different rates, and project billing is based on the user rates of the members working on the project. You can set user rates in the Add User page.
    • Based on Project Hours - The users are assigned a standard rate, and project billing is based on the hours logged for the project as a whole.
  5. Enter the Rate Per Hour (if Based on Project Hours is selected).
  6. Select Based on Amount or Based on Hours in the Project Budget field.
  7. Enter the Rate Per Hour if you select Based on Amount, else enter Budgeted Hours.


  • The default currency is the base currency chosen while enabling the budget. It is considered for budgeting only when no currency is chosen during project creation.
  • The project list view shows the consolidated budget for tasks and issues.

Now you can see the project budget graph on the dashboard. If you are unable to see the budget details, click  and enable Budget Status. The graph gives a detailed view of the planned cost and actual cost incurred for the task. Cost variance is the difference between planned and actual cost. A budget is surplus when the planned cost is higher than the actual cost, otherwise, the budget is overrun.

 How to calculate a budget

  • Planned hours: Total Work hours
  • Actual hours: Total billable Log Hours
  • Planned cost: Planned hours * Rate per hour
  • Actual cost: Actual hours * Rate per hour
  • Cost variance: Planned cost - Actual cost

How often is the project budget calculated?

Budget is calculated automatically every six hours. Within the auto-update interval if you wish to calculate the budget, click the button in Budget Status widget.


  • You can do this only once before the next auto update is triggered.
  • Rejected and non-billable log hours are not included while calculating Actual hours and Actual cost. 

 Track the budget overruns

Navigate to the respective module (Task/ Milestone), click and select Overrun from Budget field. The log hours can be marked as billable incase a cost is charged to the client and as non-billable to indicate that the hours are not charged. When team members log time for the task, it will automatically calculate the actual cost of the approved billable hours. This updates the budget in real time. You might have to approve or reject timesheet records to ensure budget is calculated accurately.

 How to edit a budget

Once a project budget is set, it can be edited if required.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard.
  2. Click   and select Edit Project.

You can track your project costs with budgets and deliver on time without hassles by managing the planned and actual cost. This allows more accurate planning for future projects, based on the available funds and team bandwidth.

Click here to calculate project budget for portals already integrated with Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books.

  Project Budget

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