Getting Started Guide

Data Administration

Check your storage details, import data from other services, or take backup of your portal data. You can view the audit log of all portal activities. 

Storage Details

  1. Navigate to > Data Administration.
  2. Click Storage.
  3. View details of storage space used and the total space available as per your plan.
  4. Contact if you need additional storage space.


Import your data from other project management services.

 Import tasks

You can now import MPP/ MPX/ XLS/ JSON/ CSV files into Zoho Projects and start collaborating.

  1. Click  in the top band.
  2. Navigate to the Data Administration section and click MPP And Other File Import.
  3. Click Choose File and then select the desired file to import.
  4. Select a project to which the tasks are to be imported.
  5. If necessary you can select Apply Blueprint checkbox. 
    • Blueprints will be applied to the imported tasks that match the blueprint criteria. Moreover, the blueprints will be executed in the order in which they are listed in the layout grouping. Learn more 
    • Apply Blueprint checkbox will be disabled if all the blueprints in the associated task layout are disabled.
  6. Click Import to import the file.

  1. If the imported file is XLS or CSV or JSON, follow the below steps
  • If the imported file contains custom fields then map them with the layout task custom fields (if any) and click Continue.
  • You can either leave the imported tasks unassigned or associate it with the existing project users based on your requirement. 
  • Once the users are associated, click Associate users.

  1. If the imported file is XLS or CSV, follow the below steps

  • Associate the imported file with their corresponding task fields and then click Continue. To note, when you import the work hours of a user along with their respective task information, ensure to use the following keys while importing.
    Key to be used while importing XLSMapped criteria
    hrs/dayWork hours per Day
    %/dayWork % per Day
    hrsTotal Work Hours
  • Choose the required option in Import XLS Wizard to schedule the import.


  • All the task list available in the imported file are listed in the tasks Classic View of the project you've selected.
  • If you map the TASK OWNER to the corresponding XLS field and continue to import, the Import XLS File wizard is displayed. In this wizard, you can choose to leave the tasks unassigned or associate the xls users to project users.
  • Zoho Projects supports multi-sheet files for task import. Headers from the first sheet will be used to map the fields in Zoho Projects. Single line text fields are limited to 255 characters and pick list values are limited to 100 characters. Entries exceeding the character limit will be truncated and imported. ​
  • Apply Blueprint checkbox is available only for Premium and Enterprise plan users. 

Download a sample XLS ,CSV,or a  JSON file here.

While importing, if you map only the TASK LIST ID, the corresponding task list alone is imported, even if there are identical task list names. However, if you map the TASK LIST NAME, all the available task list with the given task list name are imported irrespective of their task list ID.


TASKLIST IDTASKLIST NAMEMapped Field NameImported Tasklist
1234Edit TemplateTasklist IDEdit Template -1234
5678Edit TemplateTasklist NameEdit Template-1234 and Edit Template-5678

Data backup

Data backup allows you to take a personal copy of your entire portal and keep it for future use. A scheduler will trigger your backup and it will take a few minutes to complete the process. An email containing the link to a ZIP file will be sent to the Portal Owner.

  1. Click  in the top band.
  2. Navigate to Data Administration > Backup.
  3. Click Export Now.
    • Download URL will be sent via email.
    • The export file will be deleted after 24 hours.


  • Regular data backup is allowed once every 24 hours. The exported ZIP file gets deleted periodically every 24 hours after each data export.

Audit Log

Track all portal activities from the Audit Log section. Only the Portal Owner can access Audit Logs.

  1. Click  in the top band.
  2. Navigate to Data Administration > Audit Log.
  3. Click Prev or Next to view logs for the previous day or the next day with activities in the portal.

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