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Google Apps Integration

Zoho Projects complements the Google Apps experience by offering integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar plus the ability to embed Zoho Projects information directly inside iGoogle, Gmail and Google Sites.

Benefits of Google Apps Integration

  • Import files directly from Google Drive into Zoho
  • Track your high priority events by exporting them to your shared Google Calendar
  • Create a project, share an idea and add tasks from right within your Gmail with Contextual gadgets
  • Transform an email message into an actionable task in Zoho Projects with Gmail gadgets
  • Record your working hours in timesheet right from within your Gmail
  • Export and Sync your project tasks two-way from and into Gmail and Zoho Projects

Add Google Apps Users

Integrate Google Apps into Zoho Projects and start collaborating with your team. And add Google Apps users too.
Add Google Apps Users| Integrate Google Apps into Zoho Projects | Chrome Extension

Events in Google Calendar

Add your project events like tasks, tasklist from Zoho Projects into Google Calendar
Import from Google Drive | Tasks in Google Calendar | Events in Google Calendar

Sync Tasks in Gmail

Enable Google Task sync, so that tasks that you create in either Zoho Projects or Google Tasks stays in sync with task name and descriptions. Also integrate google spreadsheet with Zoho Projects.
Sync Google Tasks | Integrate Google Spreadsheet with Zoho Projects

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