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1. Is issue tracking module available as part of free plan?

Yes, the issue tracking feature is available in the free plan. But, you can access the Issues module only in a single project. 

2. What is a Business Rule? How can I define business rules for my project?

Business Rule is a filter that you will apply to your issues to organize them. You can define Business Rules that will enable you to classify the issues and perform actions such as changing the severity, status, module, classification and assigning the issue to a user. Business Rule will be triggered when the issue matches the defined business rule criteria.

3. Is it possible to import the custom fields for issues within a project?

Yes. we do have a option to import the issues along with custom fields. The supported file formats are XLS, XLSX and CSV file.

4. How to configure issue, status and workflow for my issue tracker?

Each issue has a status, which indicates the development stage of the issue. The following are the default status:

  • Open             -  All issues which are posted newly will be assigned to the Open status by default.
  • In progress   - All the issues that are under progress.
  • To be tested  - All the issues that are to be tested.
  • Closed           - All the issues that are resolved and tested. 
  • Reopen          - All the issues that are reopened from the closed status. The issues that are in the reopen status can be moved to the In progress or Resolved or Closed status. 

You can modify the status as per your requirement. In addition, you can reorder the status using the drag and drop option. Further, you can delete the existing statuses too (Default status cannot be deleted).

5. Is there a consolidated view to see the issues assigned to me across all projects?

Yes. My Issues view provides a consolidated view of issues assigned to you across all the projects.

6. Is it possible for the client users to change the status of the issues?

Yes. The client user will be able to change the issue status only if an issue is assigned to them.

To assign an issue to the client user, the following two conditions should be accomplished:

1. The Assign external issues to client users option must be enabled: Once you are in the Issues module, click Issue Settings --> Configuration menu and enable this option.

2. The issue's flag must be external: You will be able to see the list of client users while filing the issue only when the External flag option is chosen.  Learn More.

7. Is there a way to associate a task to issue(s)?

Yes, you can associate a task to an issue and vice versa.

8. Can I create Service Level Agreement (SLAs) for my issues?

Yes, you can create as many SLA rules as desired for the issues. Learn More.

9. Is it possible to link two issues?

Yes, it is possible to link an issue with one or more other issues using the Link Issues tab. You can specify the link type as one of "blocks","depends on", "is related to","is duplicate of".

10. Is it possible to rename the issues tab and issues icon ?

Yes, you can rename your issues tab and icon. To do this:

  • Click the Org Settings in your project page.
  • In the Rename issues tab, enter the issue name that you wish and then select the icon.

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