Frequently Asked Questions In Documents

1. Can I have more disk space for an existing plan if it exceeds the allocated limit?

Yes. If your disk space exceeds the allocated limit for an existing plan, then you may need to upgrade to a higher plan or send a request to to increase your disk space in the same plan. The total disk space available for a portal is 100GB. And, it is available in our Premium and Enterprise plans. For more details visit our Plans and Pricing page. 

2. What file types are supported in Zoho Projects?

You can upload any file type like .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .docx .pdf, .pps, .ppt, .avi, .jpeg, .wmv, *.zip, *.mpeg, *.bmp and more.

3. How can I import my files from Google Drive into Zoho Projects?

In the Documents tab, click New and select From Cloud. Now, you need to click Google Drive and authenticate your account to Zoho Projects. Just glance at our user guide for a detailed understanding.

4. What will happen if I upload a different filename?

If you upload a file with a different name or file type, a warning message will be displayed.

5. Do Zoho Projects support sub-folders?

Yes, we support sub-folders for organizing your files. Learn More.

6. Can I download a folder?

Yes, you can download any folder. To know more on how to download a folder. Learn More.

7. Can I delete files in bulk?

Yes, you can delete files in bulk. To do this:

  1. Select the files that you want to delete using the Ctrl Key (Windows) or Command key (Mac).
  2. Right-click on the selected files and select 'Move to Trash'.

8. Is it possible to move a file from one folder to another?

Yes, you can move a file from one folder to the other. Learn More.

9. How do I create a sub-folder?

To create a sub-folder, right click on the folder for which you prefer to create a sub-folder. Click here to know, how it is done

10. What is the max file size for uploading a file in the documents module?

The maximum file size for uploading a file in documents module is 500MB

11.Can all the users within a project access the documents module and the files added to it?

Yes, all the users can access the documents tab and files added to it without any restrictions.

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