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Frequently Asked Questions in Timesheet

1. How can we view Timesheet report across projects?

You can view your timesheet report across projects based on the project, user etc.

  • Select My Timesheet in Home.
  • Apply Filter to view timesheet report across projects.

2. How to filter timesheet based on date and user?

You can filter your timesheet date-wise and user-wise. Learn more to know, how you can group timesheet by user and date.

3. How to log time for an entire week in your timesheet?

You can log entries for an entire week. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Projects->your project->Timesheet.
  2. Click Add log time and select Weekly Log time.
  3. Specify the log details.
  4. Click Save and Add New to proceed.

4. Is it possible to log the time entries for future dates?

No, you cannot log time entries for future dates. 

5. Can a client user log a time entry?

Since the Timesheet tab is not accessible to the client users, they cannot log entries. 

6. Who can approve the timesheet entered by the users in a project?

Only the Portal Owner, Portal Admin and Managers can approve the timesheet entered by the users in a project.

7. How can I export my timesheet?

You can export timesheet for a specific project and across projects. Learn more on how to export.

8. How to filter the users who have unlogged entries?

You can filter the users those who have unlogged entries. To do this:

  • Select My Timesheet in Home.
  • Apply filter and select the Unlogged hours.
  • Your filter result will display the users who have unlogged entries.

9. How do I enable the approval process for timesheet?

Here are the steps that will help you enable the approval process for your timesheet:

  • In Settings, select the Org Settings.
  • Enable the Submit with approval in the Timesheet approval process tab.


  1. It is available both in the Premium and Enterprise plan

10. How to create my project budget?

Project budget is created based on the amount or hours that you mention while creating your project. Learn more.

11. How to create invoice and expenses?

You can create invoice and expenses using the following steps specified in our guide.  

12. Can I generate invoice for multiple users?

Yes, you can generate invoice for multiple users in one go using the multi-user select option. Learn more

13. Can I create invoice across projects?

No, you can create invoice only within the project and not across the projects in your portal.

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