The perception about a milestone differs from person to person. For a few, it is a stone or post that shows the distance that’s yet to be travelled to reach a place. For a few, it is a significant stage in their lives. It could be a high school graduation; a lucrative job; anything that matters them the most. Similarly, we see a milestone as a target in Zoho Projects. A target that comprises of the major to-do lists in your project. Let’s see how it works.

How does a milestone in Zoho Projects help you?

In Zoho Projects, a milestone is the broadest division that falls immediately under a project. It helps you delegate work to different teams and track them from one place. It can be further divided into a set of tasklists; a tasklist into a set of tasks; a task into a set of subtasks respectively.

Manage milestones in Zoho Projects

In this section, you get to learn how to create, edit, and manage milestones. You also learn how to view your milestones and track them to closure.

Active Milestones | Archive Milestones | Completed Milestones | My Milestones

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