Upload a new extension

Upload a new extension to the marketplace

  1. Go to https://zapps.zoho.eu
  2. Click Submit in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Choose Private or Public based on your preferences.
  4. Here's some help on the General Information form:
    • Release Audience: Public or Private.
    • Developer Name / Org: Name of the organization or the developer that owns the extension.
    • Contact number: Extension developer's contact number.
    • Developer Website: Website URL of the developer, if any.
    • Help URL: The extension's user guide or help document link.
  5. Click Next Step
  6. Enter the required details in the App Information form:
    • App Title: Extension's name
    • Tagline: A catchy phrase about the extension
    • Category: The industry or business that suits the extension's functionality the most.
    • App Description: A short description of the extension
    • App Summary: Development summary and additional notes
    • App logo: A logo related to the extension. It may describe the extension itself or the product or its developer.
    • Banner: the banner image that should appear on the extension detail page
    • Screenshots: Screenshots of the extension
  7. Click Next Step
  8. Configure the following in the Uploads form:
    • Zoho Service: The Zoho product for which the extension has been developed. In our case, it is "PROJECTS"
    • Zip File: Packaged zip file of the extension
  9. Click Next Step
  10. Validate the information you have provided once again. If you wish to modify something, click Back and do the corrections. When you are done, click Save. The extension will be submitted for review.
  • Our engineers will review the extension and get back to the developer with their feedback. When it passes their validation, it will be uploaded by us to Zoho Marketplace.

  • We do not review private extensions currently. The developer can install and test it immediately.

  • The developers can choose the pricing for their extension from the link sent to them in an email.

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