Zoho Referral Partners

Zoho Referral Partners

Want to earn revenue for reselling Zoho business applications but don't have the time or business model to offer full technical and value added services? Zoho has a rewarding solution for you. We offer a generous referral fee for prospects that you refer to Zoho who convert or become paying customers for any of our 20+ business applications*

Who should join?

  • IT and management consultants
  • Web designers and marketing consultants
  • Website owners with large member base
  • Venture capital and investment firms
  • Industry influencers who have access to customers in a specific market niche or vertical
  • Hosting companies & service providers

How it works:

For qualified partners, Zoho provides a way to automatically refer leads and receive a referral fee for each paying customer.Or leads can be e-mailed to referral-partner@zohocorp.com

Its easy to manage and get paid:

Sign up as a Referral Partner; add the Zoho sign up box(es) to your website; when a customer signs up their account is automatically associated with your referral account in the reseller store; get paid once a month


  • Earn significant referral fees
  • Associate your brand with our brand - one of the choicest in the industry
  • Hassle free

To apply simply fill in the form below and follow the instructions:

Any questions? Please contact: partners@zohocorp.com

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Zoho Referral Partners