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Overview of VAT Transaction Flow

As the countdown to VAT continues, updates on the taxation scheme are omnipresent. You see bits and pieces of information everywhere: newspapers, digital print, and TV. 

Now is the time to make sure that you understand the full VAT tax flow so that you can comply in real time.

  A typical business owner will have to perform the following steps to comply with the VAT regime:

  • Register the business 
  • Maintain VAT-compliant documents (for instance, issuing VAT-compliant invoices) 
  • File VAT returns 
  • Claim input credit 
  • In certain cases, VAT will need to be paid under the reverse charge mechanism. 

These steps should be carried out with precision to ensure compliance. Following the VAT process protects your business from penalties and helps keep you competitive with other businesses in your industry.

We have put together this webinar to provide business owners with a detailed, easy- to-understand explanation of each stage. Tune in and make sure that you and your business are VAT-ready!

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Ashika Rehana
VAT Expert
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