Do more with ShowTime

If something's working well, why change it? With ShowTime, you don't have to alter the way you deliver your training. Get a solution that focuses on simplifying your efforts before, during and after the session.


Start your session right way or schedule it for a later date. Conduct a face-to-face session for in-house training or opt for a remote session when training off-premise learners. You can also choose whether to be visible throughout your training or share only your voice.​


Gather trainee demographic details and contact information to learn more about your class composition. You can keep the registration open until the session starts.

Course library

Store your training content in a centralized location. Save presentations and polls for use in upcoming sessions.

Make your training stand out by actively engaging with your learners.

Trainee evaluation:

Conduct tests and assessments during your session. Multiple-choice questions, text boxes, and ratings help you gauge the level of learner comprehension.

Chat and Q&A sessions:

Make learning fun by inviting trainees to interact with you and their fellow learners with the in-app chat. Encourage your trainees to ask questions through the mobile app. You can then prioritize and answer them individually, during or after the session.

Open Mic:

Transform your monologues into dialogues. Empower your learners to speak to you, or the whole class, from their own microphones. Every trainee deserves the opportunity to share their insights.


Explain visually explicit content to your class by simply sharing your screen instead of taking pains to send it across to every member of your cohort individually.

Learn More

Review your performance and publish class material.

Get valuable feedback about your sessions and a centralized space to store and distribute your learning aids.

Engagement analytics:

Keep polishing your performance. Gain insight about how your session was received using data on the number of likes, questions, and time spent per slide. Post these accomplishments on your profile page and get your work noticed.

Online repository:

Make your content available for download from your profile page at the end of the session for after-class learning. Publish your training material online and create a knowledge base to empower your learners.

Now that you know how it all works, make the world your stage with ShowTime.