An intelligent social media analytics software for your business.

Gather insights, measure performance, and optimize your social strategy with in-depth social media analytics and custom reports.

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Identify your best posts.

Dig deeper into your published posts with Post Stats. Look into their reach, measure engagement on your content, and learn how many people have shared your posts.

Analyze the performance of your brand.

Track the numbers that matter.

Keep a tab on your overall number of followers and likes, shares and retweets, and comments and replies on your favorite social media networks.

Know your audience better.

Discover the countries and cities your audience comes from, the languages they speak in, the age groups they belong to, and more.

Discover your key connections.

Wondering what your audience is saying about you? Learn more about those who engage with your brand and understand how they interact with your posts.

Create intuitive, real-time reports.

Real-time analytics.

Discover the best times to publish your posts and measure social media performance for your brands. Figure out which content types bring the maximum engagement and which ones need attention.

Your reports. Your way.

Choose statistics from multiple channels and create reports with the information you need. Customize them to include graphs and tables that help you improve your social media marketing efforts.

Automate reports and save time.

Set up your reports to be delivered automatically, in the format and frequency of your choice. Include your colleagues in the delivery list, add a personalized message, and make sure they don't miss out on anything important.

  • Abhinav TCo-Founder at GigCul.

    "Go for it. Dont think twice. It's the best software out there to manage your social media accounts and get the latest accurate analytics from all your accounts."

  • Nathan SEntrepreneur & Business Thought Leader.

    "Social Media reporting is insightful as it allows my team and I to review client's social media performance as well as know how they are doing on social media. No other platform I've tried gives better reporting."

  • Nada ADigital Marketing Specialist

    "I love the in depth yet simple to understand reports and the fact that they can be auto-scheduled to be sent to any team member at certain time."

Start creating custom-reports and measure what matters to you.

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