A real-time social media monitoring tool for your business.

Monitor keywords and hashtags, discover new leads, and listen to what's being said about your brand across social networks.

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Stay tuned to all things social.

Follow a real-time stream of updates to learn how your audience is engaging with your brand.

More context for every interaction.

Get to know your audience better. See how often they engage with your brand. Identified someone you'd like to reach out to? Discuss the profile with your team members before you craft that perfect message.

The best time to engage is in real time.

Respond and interact with users who engage with your brand on social media. See a new follower? Say hello, instantly. Got a new direct message? Reply inline and keep the conversation going.

Create-your-own monitoring dashboard.

You know best what works for your business. That's why our social listening dashboard is customizable to your needs.

A column for every social activity.

Add and rearrange as many as 15 columns to track brand mentions, tweets, users, and more.

Personalize your screen.​

Got a team monitoring different things? Let each member set up their own view.

Psst...! Someone's talking about you.

Listening to what's being said about your brand can be quite overwhelming. We've made it easy for you to track who tagged you on social media.

Monitor brand mentions.

When someone mentions you on Twitter or makes a post on your Facebook Page, see it in separate columns.

Engage right away.

Found social activities to engage with? Respond to new wall posts, retweet tweets, or share them from your account.

Discover new users and key conversations.

Discover and engage in relevant conversations on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram from a single screen.

Searching—made easy.

Listen to social media conversations about important events, and search for keywords that are important for you.

Fall back on saved columns.

Tracking something all day? Save your searches in a multi-column layout for easy monitoring.

Zoom into profiles and hashtags.

There's more. View details about the profiles and hashtags you discover anywhere within Zoho Social.

List your likes. Like your lists.

Follow tweets from your favorite accounts in an intuitive, column-based layout. Bookmark updates as likes on Twitter and Instagram, and see them all in your dashboard. Did you say Twitter lists? Create new lists and manage existing ones to keep track of updates from a select group of Twitter users.

Get down to a T(weet) with advanced search.

Filter and narrow down your Twitter keyword search results to focus on tweets that are relevant for your business.

Dig deeper through Content.

Exclude keywords, include retweets, or choose the type of media posts you want to see—all written in 61 unique languages.

Find People who matter to you.

Look for tweets made by specific users, or tweets that mention either your brand name or just certain users in particular.

Keep a tab on popular Places.

Type in any location to see where your tweets are trending, or simply track tweets based on the location they were made from.

Your brand's private messages have a special place.

See all the direct messages from your audience on Facebook and Twitter in a single, chat-style interface.

More context. Better interactions.

Looking for context before you respond to messages? Sure! Retrieve previous interactions and view recent tweets while you reply to them.

Contact and connect.

Got a detail that’s worth noting down? Update the contact details card so that it’s available the next time you or someone on your team engages with the same person.

Your little directory. Or so we'd like you to think.

Find out what your followers, and those that your brand is following, are saying on social media. View and filter your social connections based on the network they're on. Don't stop yet! Follow their recent social media updates without switching between tabs.

Stay tuned in—at your desk and on the go.

Continue receiving alerts whenever someone mentions you or likes your post, even while you're away from a large screen. Use our iOS and Android apps to act on these notifications and never miss a chance to respond to them.

Get started with social media monitoring today.

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