Can I get notified when a respondent completes my survey?

Yes, you can get notified. You can add an Email Trigger to your survey and get notifications through email whenever the respondent completes your survey.

Can I substitute question text?

Yes, you can use Piping feature to add variables from the previous questions/pages, or custom variables to substitute question text.
Piping in your survey lets you have greater precision over your survey.

How do I utilize Piping in my surveys?

Piping logic can be utilized in a survey as:

  1. Questions -- You can pipe in the previously given answers to the later questions in the survey. For example, if you ask survey takers what type of dog they own, you might ask them later what factor was important in choosing that specific breed.
  2. Web link (URL) -- You can also include variables in your survey's web link before distributing to customize the survey for a respondent. For example, you can include an email or name of the survey respondents as variable in your web link.

I didn't close my survey . Why is it closed? How can I re-open it?

There are 3 reasons as to why your surveys are closed.

  1. Closed manually by the survey admin, In this case you can just click 'Reopen Survey' in the Deploy tab to access the survey again
  2. Closed automatically. This happens when there is a change in the Restrictions. i.e., Responses count and the set cut off date. In this case, you can change the restrictions.
  3. If your pricing plan does not support the responses count, the survey gets closed. Keep a tab on your responses count and the pricing plan

Can I customize the last page of the survey?

Yes, you can customize the last pages of your survey according to the target respondents. You can redirect your respondents to a new URL page or to the reports page of your survey. There are other ways to customize your survey completion pages with Zoho Survey. Find them here!

Is there a way to recover deleted survey?

Yes, you can recover a deleted survey. When a user deletes a survey, it is moved to the trash and you can restore it whenever there is a need. Once, a survey is deleted from trash, it cannot be retrieved. Click here to know how to recover the survey from trash section.

How can I copy an existing survey?

You can create similar surveys from already existing surveys in your account. You can create a copy for reuse and edit it to share it with different respondents.To know more on how to copy surveys, click here.

Can a survey be saved halfway and finished later?

Yes, a survey can be saved and finished later. However, this depends on the settings you set. You can enable users to update responses any time in the restrictions tab. This way a user can update responses anytime later.

Can I change the look of the survey form?

Yes, with Zoho Survey's fully customizable theme option, you can completely edit a survey's look by changing the background, typography and alignment of text in the survey layout. Read more on how to change themes of your live form.

Can the respondents' be redirected to any web page?

By default, the respondents are redirected to the log out page of Zoho Survey. You can edit the survey completion option in the Settings tab.
With a paid plan, you can edit the Survey Completion option for a survey to redirect respondents to your own web page when they're done taking the survey.