Getting Started

Creating a survey helps you ask questions in an organized way that is useful to making your product or service better. This method assists in collecting data to gather multiple insights from comprehensive reports. To get answers, creating is the first step.

To create a survey:

Click on the 'Create Survey' button
create survey

Pick one of the given options to begin creating the survey
select option

Blank Template

Select a blank template to create a brand new survey from the ground up.

  • Click Blank Template
  • Name your survey
  • Click Continue


Find ready-to-use template under different categories. Pick a template to use for your own survey. You can edit the template questions to include relevant options, add new questions or delete questions.

  • Click Template
  • Name your survey
  • Select the template of your choice
  • Click Preview to view the survey example
  • Click Continue.

Existing Survey

Need to create similar surveys? Create a copy of an existing survey to reuse.

  • Click on Copy Survey
  • Name your survey
  • Select the survey to be copied
  • Click Preview to view the selected survey
  • Click Continue

Inline survey

Inline surveys are similar to any other feedback survey, but comes with just a single question. It generates an HTML setup that can be embedded in any email marketing software. Inline surveys cannot be accessed by using a link on publishing it. You cannot add multiple questions in an inline survey too.

To create an inline survey

  1. Navigate to Zoho Survey home page.

  2. Click Create Survey and select Inline Survey.
  3. In the Survey Name box, type the name for your survey.
  4. In the Survey Question box, type your question.
  5. To upload an icon of your choice, in the Possible Choices section, click the  button.
  6. Select the appropriate icon from the list of predefined icons.

    Note: The icons have been separated by the question type. Click Upload Custom Image to upload a custom icon from your desktop.

  7. In the Choice Message box, type the choices.
  8. To add a choice message box, click .
  9. To delete a choice message box, click  .
  10. Click Save and Next.

Landing page

The landing page is where the respondents land when they click Submit after responding to your survey. You can add a logo, a thank you message, or comments and customize the page.

To add a logo

  1. In the Landing Page> Logo section, click Browse.

  2. To upload a logo from your computer, click From My Computer and select Upload.

    To upload an image from the web, click From Web URL and paste the URL in the text box.


    To upload an image from your favorites, click From My Images and select the appropriate image.

  3. Click Apply.
  4. To change or remove the logo, click Change or Remove respectively.
  5. To use your survey name as the survey title, click Use Survey Name.

    To use any other name for your survey, click Use Specific Text and type the name in the text box.

Note: Adding a logo is not mandatory.

To add a thank you message

  1. Click Add Question Logic.
  2. Set the condition for displaying the thank you message.

  3. To remove the question logic, click .
  4. To set the default end page for your survey, click Default End Page.

    To customize your survey end page, click Customize End Page.


    To redirect your survey end page to a specific web page, click Redirect to a new page and type the URL in the Redirect to URL box.

  5. To add a dynamic parameter to append your survey responses to the redirect URL, click Add Parameter.
  6. In the Parameter Name box, type the name of the parameter.
  7. In the Parameter Value list, select the appropriate the value.
  8. To delete the parameter, click 

Note: You can either use the thank you message displayed in the box, or edit it to make it your customized message.

To add a comments column

Note: The Comments box is not a mandatory field.

  1. In the Comments section, turn on the Enable button.
  2. In the comments box, type the message.

    Note: You can either use the default message displayed in the box, or you can customize it.

  3. In the Submit Button box, type the text or symbol that can be used as the Submit button.
  4. Click Save Settings.


The Preview section shows a preview of the inline survey you just created. You can also create an HTML code that can be embedded elsewhere.

 To generate an embed setup

  1. In the Service List, select the service for which you want to generate the HTML.
  2. To prevent multiple responses from a respondent, select the check box.
  3. In the Unique ID box, type the unique ID.
  4. In the Integrate your customer data section, type the first name, last name, and the email address in the respective boxes.
  5. To add more merge tags, click Add More Merge Tags.
  6. To identify your respondents, in the Add Custom Variable dialog box, type the variable name and variable value in the respective boxes.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Generate HTML. The HTML code is generated. You can use it to copy and paste it in your email templates.
  9. To go back to the previous page, click Go Back.

After you have completed the first steps to creating a survey, you will be taken to the Survey Editor page.

Proceed to the next step - create the questions and answer choices on your survey.