Surveys for the Smartphone.

Create survey that reach people on any screen size. Every Zoho Survey can be accessed by any mobile device. Even the email campaigns you send using our integration with Zoho Campaigns are optimized to fit the screens.

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Mobile optimized themes.

Every theme is made to fit all screens. Our surveys will automatically fit screens on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops. Even your own customized themes will automatically fit any screen.

Go truly mobile.

Enable integration with Zoho Campaigns, and the survey emails that you send will be mobile optimized. Of course, these emails are fully customizable too.

iPad application.

Download our free iPad application from the App Store to create surveys. Monitor your reports, create new surveys, and enjoy the Zoho Survey builder on your iPad. The iPad application can receive responses even when you're offline. You can survey people on the street and the application will automatically upload their responses the next time you connect to the internet.