Email your surveys with Zoho Campaigns.

Easily email your surveys. Use Zoho Campaigns to manage mailing lists, send emails in your audience's native language, analyze your emails' performance, and more.

Start surveying Access Zoho survey

Manage multiple email lists

Segment your audience's emails into lists to target different groups. Sending surveys to mailing lists is as easy as emailing a group of friends. Zoho Campaigns manages unsubscribes, bounces, and spam addresses for you.

Emails with survey templates

Send surveys with style. Zoho Campaigns has email templates made specifically for surveys. These templates can all be customized to suit your brand or altered to match your survey theme.

Mobile-optimized templates

Every template created with Zoho Campaigns is mobile optimized, and every Zoho Survey is available on every screen size.

Survey, Campaigns, and CRM

Use contacts stored in Zoho CRM for your campaigns. Our integration also lets you send your survey directly from Zoho CRM.

Campaigns reports

The reports available on Zoho Campaigns will help you understand how your customers interact with your email campaigns. Combine these reports with Zoho Survey's Reports to clearly understand your audience.

Email in your native language

Zoho Survey can translate your survey into multiple languages. Zoho Campaigns can also translate the emails you use to send surveys. Make a mailing list for each language to send surveys in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Contacts import

Zoho Campaigns can also  upload your contact lists in CSV, XLS, and XLSX files. Integrate with Google Apps to enable synchronizing contacts from Gmail and Google Sheet.

Campaign details in survey reports

Save contact details in Zoho Campaigns to use in your surveys and reports. Pre-fill survey responses using the information. Put it in their reports for your known responders and leave it blank for others. You can also have your respondents' details in your survey reports.