Make every response count.

Advanced reporting options let you crunch complicated data into simple reports and charts. Zoho Survey empowers you with the best data management tools and real-time reporting, helping you to understand your audience's opinion.

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Reports in real time

Zoho Survey updates your reports in real-time. This means that you can see your audience's responses as they are submitted. See the effect of each response, as they come in, on your picture of the overall customer mind-set.

Customize your reports

Choose from multiple views for your reports. Be it individual, cross-tab, trend reports or many others, Zoho Survey provides you with the flexibility to choose your reporting with a couple of clicks.

  • JESSICA KENNEDYTerritory Recruiter, Colonial Life and Accident

    "It's user friendly on both ends. The graphics are clean and simple. The report features are excellent."

Team up to analyze

Share your report with your friends or colleagues. No matter the distance between you, you can instantly share and analyze your survey reports together. Put your heads together and untangle your audience's responses.

Schedule and download reports

Have your survey reports and responses delivered to anyone your choose. Send your survey responses as they get come in, or send a customizable report periodically. You could also download your survey's report in four formats: Spreadsheet, CSV, PDF or SPSS.

Update your Google Sheets in real time

Every time you receive a survey response you can have it automatically pushed to a Google Sheet. All you will need to do is connect your Zoho Survey account with Google Docs, and your responses will be collected in real time, neatly organized on Google Sheets. Upload Zoho Survey responses to Google Sheets.