Zoho Vault for Microsoft Office 365

Are you managing your business operations on the cloud with Microsoft Office 365? Now you can easily associate Zoho Vault with your Office 365 account and help your company securely manage passwords.

Enhance productivity and security

Allow your users to access Zoho Vault directly from Office 365 interface and help them securely store, share and manage passwords.Generate strong passwords, save passwords as you create them, keep them organized in a centralized repository, share them with others on a need basis with fine-grained access permissions, and automatically log into websites in a single-click.

Rock-solid security and complete privacy

Zoho Vault encrypts all data in the browser itself and stores only encrypted data in its servers. The encryption key (passphrase entered by the user) is not stored anywhere. The data remains completely private and only you can view the data. The passphrase is not stored anywhere in Zoho Vault and hence even Zoho cannot access your data.