Your apps and integrations, powered by Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM offers the perfect collection of REST APIs and client libraries for building exciting new apps, for businesses of all sizes. The APIs are also secured by OAuth2.0 and API key methods to enable you to seamlessly integrate your Zoho CRM account with any third-party application.

Build apps without boundaries.

Seamlessly push and receive information into your Zoho CRM account, or into any app that your team develops, using Zoho CRM API.  Extract CRM data in JSON format, including any errors using simple HTTP methods.

Expect more out of Zoho CRM API.

Go beyond the usual GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods while building your own applications.

  • Work with any Zoho CRM component

    Apart from metadata APIs that let you work with any field, module, layout, or list, you can also work on all of Zoho CRM's components like dashboards, users, profiles, tags, and notes.

  • Get bulk responses without paging

    View up to 200,000 API responses, without pagination, using bulk response APIs. The bulk response API combines all of your API responses as a single CSV file to let you easily handle high-volume data.

  • Convert leads from any app

    The dedicated lead conversion API ensures that you can convert your leads and associate them to CRM accounts through any mobile, web, and voice-based apps.

  • Perform dynamic searches

    Get Zoho CRM's advanced filter abilities through a single API, which enables you to search for matching records using a combination of multiple criteria.

  • Create instant notifications

    Use Actions, Zoho CRM's unique API method, to get notified for changes or additions to any component in your Zoho CRM account.

Code in your own language.

Use Zoho CRM's API libraries to develop apps in the language you're most comfortable with. Our server-side libraries provide you with wrappers for all of Zoho CRM's APIs so that you don't have to write too many lines of code to get the job done.

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Get insight on your account's API usage.

Track your account's API usage and get in-depth information about your top API consumers, API usage pattern, average daily usage, usage access points, and top API methods used, through Zoho CRM's intuitive API usage dashboards.

Zoho CRM REST API Dashboard

Create amazing apps with minimum effort, using Zoho CRM REST API.

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