Buttons make it easy.

Customizing your CRM ensures that your system works best for your company. Custom buttons with Zoho CRM help you configure a predefined set of actions that can be executed with one click, from a URL invocation to connecting third-party apps.

Work faster with buttons.

As a salesperson, there may be a number of occasions where you perform multiple actions across multiple screens. What if there was an easier and faster way to complete these regular operations? Add buttons to your modules, define specific actions to them, and accomplish tasks faster. Add a button to mark a deal as recurring in the Deals module, and focus your attention on new business.

Connect your CRM with third-party applications.

Create a custom button to connect your CRM to any other third-party application. Win deals faster by creating a button in CRM to connect with applications like PandaDoc or NiftyQuoter and send proposals with esignatures.

Connect your CRM with Zoho applications.

Custom buttons can link CRM to Zoho applications like Projects, Books, Docs, Campaigns, and more. For instance, use custom buttons to send contracts from Zoho Docs when your deal status is closed won.

Add custom links.

Use custom links to find information about customers on the web. Quickly search third-party sites by formatting URLs with information from CRM. For example, you can add a link to display contacts' businesses on Google Maps, or search for leads on LinkedIn.

Many possibilities.

Design button actions without complex code or scripting. Choose actions from the gallery, or write your own functions.

Here are some things you can use custom buttons for:

  • Convert leads to vendors.
  • Auto-fill forms.
  • Connect to third party apps.
  • Send sales proposals and invoices.
  • Pull information from external sites.
  • Calculate the value of potential deals and add it to accounts.