Make CRM more powerful with functions.

Functions can handle advanced business logic and connect with third-party systems. Choose from a gallery of pre-built options, or write your own with Deluge functions, our powerful, flexible and easy-to-learn scripting language.

All the information you need in a single screen.

Salespeople need access to all different pieces of customer data so that they can do a better job at following up with leads and closing deals. However, this data is often spread across applications like ERP, accounting, and document management. Write functions that automatically pull information from other applications and let your sales team view it inside Zoho CRM.

Automate Repetitive Tasks.

Automate business processes with workflows. Choose from a range of built-in functions, or create your own to automate repetitive actions like sending a notification on a status change or updating the value of a deal you’ve closed. Trigger workflow rules manually after particular actions inside CRM (a deal is closed, a record is updated), or according to a pre-determined schedule.

Here are a few things you can do with functions:

  • Update related records across multiple CRM modules or applications
  • Roll- up account value across multiple subsidiaries into a single parent account
  • Automatically send invoices to your customers when a deal is closed