Zoho CRM Developer Guide

Zoho CRM provides the tools for developers to create comprehensive solutions for your business. The Developer guide helps developers, get started on developing solutions for Zoho CRM. This guide offers a comprehensive suite of developer resources and web services and help you build applications and manage your CRM Account and the associated CRM data.

The following table contains the functions tailored for a Developer.

Zoho CRM APIsUse Zoho CRM APIs to integrate any third-party applications with Zoho CRM.Mobile SDKs Create tailor-made mobile applications for your company.
Server Side SDKs Create server-based applications to make better use of Zoho CRM APIs for your applications.Developer Edition Use the Developer Edition of Zoho CRM, built specially for amateurs (to CRM) and Developers, to help them get started with the CRM.
Widgets Build embeddable UI components in the CRM and integrate them with the external application seamlessly with Widgets.Connections Use Connections to invoke any third-party applications’ REST APIs and get access to your authenticated data from your functions or widgets, hence building your own extensions.
WebAppsCreate custom web applications which allows for the integration of the application with CRM.FunctionsProgram the CRM to do what you want. Write functions to execute certain actions in Zoho CRM, which are usually not available in native features.

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