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Email + Zoho CRM for Your Business

We cannot deny the fact that email is an important medium in business communication. When you have the emails in one place and customers' information in your CRM, you can’t quickly access the communication you’ve had with your customer. In this ebook, discover the various options to bring together email communication and your customer data in one place.Download eBook

8 Tips for Successful CRM Implementation

When almost every company uses some form of CRM or the other, it is observed that many tools are not explored to their full potential, or not even used. This ebook gives you eight useful tips to help you use your CRM in the best way possible, improve your productivity, and drive a much higher return on your investment.Download eBook

Ready to sell on the go?

A mobile CRM is not a downsized version of the desktop CRM. It’s a more specialized and dedicated platform aimed at higher productivity. In the mobile version, you concentrate on what matters most. In this ebook, find out about the useful features that the mobile CRM has to offer.Download eBook

Blueprint is Zoho CRM’s simple and effective solution to your process automation requirements. It is designed to help you execute a business process in a well-defined and systematic manner. This ebook is a comprehensive handbook that helps you in designing and executing a Blueprint for your business process.Download eBook

9 Nifty Tips to Optimize Web Forms

Lead generation, as we know is all about attracting people to your business and you can take these efforts a step further by using a good web form builder. In this ebook, take a look at some tips on setting up a good web form and also hints on how to implement them using Zoho CRM.Download eBook

Gain Insight into Sales with 3 Types of Reports

It is always helpful to go back and analyze what brought more deals to a closure. For this, you pull a variety of reports to get the information that you need. But do these reports provide insights to effectively manage your sales process and sales team! This ebooks will help you distinguish three main categories of reports in Zoho CRM that will provide value to your business.Download eBook

5 Ways to Maintain Clean CRM Data

Inaccurate or incomplete CRM data often hamper sales and marketing performance.We all realize how important it is to add clean data in the CRM system and not just that, to avidly maintain it too! Help yourself with these 5 tips in the ebook to not only get your CRM system under control but also to save the time and headache down the road.Download eBook

Decision Guide for Territory Management

When your business is spread across regions and you have multiple office divisions, departments and numerous products/services, it is not an easy task to assign customer accounts to sales teams without proper planning. Territory Management is a system by which customer accounts are grouped based on a defined set of criteria. Use this ebook to decide if Territory Management is the solution for your business.Download eBook