No need for MS Office now that I've discovered @zoho docs. Cloud based & free (up to 5GB). Can save as Office docs. No going back now.

Elizabeth Lemmonds@elizlemmonds on Twitter.

"I wish to register my approval and confidence in that beautiful presentation. I call it a work of art. The automatic saving aspect of both the spreadsheet and the document aspect are good. The interface is charming and friendlier to users like me. ZOHO is definitely the way to go and I am excited even at age 55 to use the search feature in the document or word category. Great work as prepared by the ZOHO Team!"

Big thanks Zoho! You saved my life. Even better than Power Point, once we don´t have to download it. Thanks again!!

Love the new tool bar. In my humble opinion Zoho's toolbar concept works a lot better than the cluttered ribbon in Microsoft Office. Did Zoho also do other work on the apps? I say this because Writer and Sheet perform much better than previous versions. I'm able to get a lot of work done in Writer and Sheet. Thanks for the great work!


The new design looks good. Thanks!

Peter Adrian

That's a great news! Zoho always rocks! Happy to see any simple advancements in Zoho. An Indian competitor to the world giants.


I love Zoho Sheet and the rest of Zoho Docs. Keep up the good work guys!

Joshua Baker

A great work by zoho, I really appreciate it.


Zoho docs is the best online document management application that I ever used. It allows me to access my important docs anywhere easily. the interface is super user friendly, so I can structure my folders and files in the same way as the ones in my PC. Of course, it allows bulk upload and folder upload, which make the job much easier. I really appreciate the great tool that is engineered by Zoho.

Sean Xu

I use Zoho Docs because the interface is more detailed and useful than Google Docs, the editing is supported with more features and functionality than Google Docs and in using a hosted service I'm not tied to any one computer to access my documents. Uploading and downloading documents are easy processes, and the folders are well-arranged and intuitive to use.

David SimDavid Sim Writing.

I am in love!! I am a google freak and would have never even tried this, however I have been fighting with an easier way of putting together a large amount of docs. I have tried everything google, blogs etc.. Zoho Writer has saved me so much time and helped me to get my point across in an organized manner.. I am going to use this for all of my writing! I have my original Doc with footnotes and links for important info and the context comments are the best! Going to go play with the other apps from Zoho.. you have a follower!

Cassy Wright

Our police department has been looking for a web based email, contacts, calendar and document management system for some time now. We examined several of the leading solutions in the market, but could not find product that met our needs. When we found Zoho Docs, the search was over. Zoho provides quality services and support all wrapped in a elegant interface.We are a 24/7 government agency, so our officers need access to their documents in a secure and easy to understand manner, Zoho excels at this.Needless to say,we are very happy with Zoho Docs. Keep up the great work!

James B. CaddenEast Lansdowne Police Dept.

I have used Zoho for a number of years now; simply because it provides a complete and total 'office in the cloud' with the documentation and services it has available, handling the needs of a business, organisation or private individual efficiently, securely and simply. With its plethora of forms for all uses, cloud apps and storage facilities it really does provide a ready made solution to all your paperwork needs. The major USP though, should another be required, is the stunning customer service. It's the first such supplier that I know of that responds personally to your email help requests, follows up any queries and ensures you end up satisfied, even if you are using the free service.

NetBook Nomad

I tried zohodocs for the first time yesterday night and just fell in love with it. Fantastic!!!

Oluwole Adigun@pantherleo on twitter.

Your website is a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much!


It is good, I must say. Readily available on my setup at home on different machines.

Stephen Green

An effortless way to manage all of our business documents online. This has saved up so much time, we appreciate the great product.

I tried Thinkfree online before Zoho, I must admit it was a complete disaster. I just use Zoho for a few simple documents and it is so much faster and reliable. I love it, just the right solution for me. Thanks Zoho

Alessandro Franzi

Compliments to all at ZOHO Writer, a very good web app, it's improved a lot since I first tried it a few months ago. Works smoothly with Google Drive, I am very happy with it, and it improves my productivity a lot, very convenient to work from anywhere with the same editor and documents. Thanks and keep up the great work!


I have used Zoho Show to conduct distance learning programs and my students felt that with Zoho Show on their desktop and a Google Hangout video beamed into the class it was the nearest thing to a physical presence that can be achieved. We had looked at competing products for conducting such events and the consensus was that this was the best. In fact Google's own presentation product lacks the broadcast mode that was crucial to our success.

Prithwis MukerjeePhD Professor, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

Omg! zoho is without a doubt the best thing since chocolate, no lie! You always have to pay a ridiculous amount for Microsoft and all when they are clearly crap! Zoho is amazing I love it so much, at least someone has a brain. Thank you Zoho!!

Beth Marsh

SHOW saved me! My ppt went on the fritz and I was able to create my presentation in SHOW and it worked like a charm. Thanks.

EileenBatson Marketing and PR

I like this online writer, because I can share my documents, between home and office. And it's more userfriendly than google docs.

Vaola Retei