Extend your reach

As a recruiter, filling most job openings with the best candidates means being present and fluent across multiple sourcing channels. Now, stay updated on all the ways candidates apply for jobs.

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Custom careers website

Use Zoho Recruit to build a career portal that reflects your company's brand.


Post to popular job boards

Post to popular job boards and let your job openings get the reach they deserve.


Post jobs to social sites

The Social Tab in Recruit enables sourcing via your company’s social page.

Collate data effectively

Zoho Recruit provides you with effective tools to enable efficient tracking of applicants from your candidate database. So, you can focus on what needs your attention the most.

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Resume Parsing

Standardize your organization's resume structure to the resume parsing tool. Recruit will take care of the rest.


Resume Extractor

This Google Chrome extension will parse any resume from LinkedIn or any other web page.


Resume Inbox

Stop wasting time sifting through each and every email to find a new candidate's resume.


Formatted Resumes

Add your company logo and create a brand recall every time you send out a resume.

Advanced analytics

The more insight you have into your business, the better. Recruit's integration with Zoho Analytics you can turn all of your data into dashboards and charts that are automatically updated and always accurate.

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Customise your experience

Set up Zoho Recruit to work the way you want it to. Right from custom modules, tabs, records for easy recall, personalize all your organization settings.


Customization tools

From renaming or creating new modules to fit your business to adding custom statuses at various stages in the hiring process, Zoho Recruit has endless possibilities.


Search tools

Zoho Recruit lets you search multiple resumes using common keywords or your own criteria. Save specific searches to run in the future.


Categorization tools

Add multiple categories for all your modules via Recruit such as the kind of attachments and required fields.


Resume preview

Preview a candidate's attached resume without entering into the candidate's profile, that have a resume attached in them.

Automation at its best

It's all about the follow up. From sending offer letters, invoices to the client, or updating the candidate database, Zoho Recruit will help you cover all the bases.

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Set reminders for tasks

Don't let important meetings or appointments get lost in the shuffle. Automate daily tasks.


Customize email templates

Send them automatically to candidates and clients at various stages of the interview process.

Contextual collaboration

The most succesful recruiters know that collaboration is paramount. Stay connected every second of the day using email, messaging, and an up-to-date activities stream.

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Sync your email with Zoho Recruit and view all your email conversations at one place.


Send SMS / Text Messages

Go outside the inbox and use text message services (SMS add-ons) to notify candidates and clients.


Activities Stream

Use Zoho Recruit's built-in activity stream to see every email, text, appointment, or task associated with a given candidate or client.


Make calls

Zoho Phonebridge enables recruiters to easily make phone calls and also put reminders from within Zoho Recruit's interface.

One log-in, endless possibilities.

Your software shouldn't get in the way of your work. Zoho Recruit is ready for mobile, and integrates with a number of other Zoho and third-party applications.

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G Suite

Sync your Google Docs, Calendars, and contacts for easy business collaboration.


Zoho Apps

Zoho Recruit syncs with Zoho CRM, Zoho Docs, Zoho Mail and Zoho People.


Zapier Integration

Link over 500 apps on Recruit via the Zapier integration and automate data entry tasks.

Privacy and access management

Decide which of your recruiters can access certain data or portals in your Zoho Recruit dashboard. Zoho Recruit lets you create groups, assign territories and control what information recruiters can and cannot view.


Assign roles

Create and assign roles to different users in your Zoho Recruit account such as Recruit Administrator, Recruiter, Guest or Interviewers.


Create Territory Rules.

Create custom rules for who can view and edit fields. Base rules on geography, industry, skill level, or other criteria.


Manage User Groups

Zoho Recruit lets you create different groups to manage common records. Like, a set of recruiters that all perform similar tasks or have access to similar records.

Recruit anytime, anywhere

Don't like to be confined to the interview room? Take your interviews out to a coffee shop. Zoho Recruit's mobile app, runs with you everywhere. Get away from your desk while still getting work done.

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