Managing your Zoho Mail Subscription

Zoho Mail offers multiple plans from which users can choose the plan that suits their organization the best. The online payment can be made using a Credit Card and the renewals are automatic and flexible. 

Zoho Workplace details

Zoho offers a Workplace plan, which is a bundle comprising the Zoho Mail suite, Zoho Docs and the office suite of applications. The plans in Zoho Mail are designed to cater the needs of organizations of all sizes. Select the option that suits your organization's requirements from the available plans.

The free plan in Zoho Workplace offers 5GB storage for Mail and 5GB storage for Zoho Docs. A maximum of 25 organization users can sign up for Zoho Workplace with this plan.

In addition to the free plan, we also provide the Standard, Pro and the Enterprise plans, each with a multitude of features, and varying storage options. 

In case you are looking for custom plans with bulk (1000+) users, reach out to us at for a detailed quote. 

Features exclusive to Paid Plans

While Zoho Mail offers most of the essential features to all its users, there are certain features that are a privilege only to our Paid plan users. These features are:

  • POP Access
  • IMAP Access
  • Email forwarding 
  • Email Routing
  • ActiveSync

To upgrade to one of our paid plans in order to avail these features, refer to the next section.

Upgrade to a paid plan

The Super administrator can decide to upgrade from the current free to paid plan. 

Steps to upgrade from Free to Paid plan: 

  1. Login to as the Super Administrator. 
  2. Click the Upgrade link in the top bar to view the available paid plans.
  3. Choose the plan suitable for your requirements and click Upgrade
  4. You need a valid license for each user, and each account based on the individual. 
  5. Provide the number of licenses you require under the chosen plan and click Place Order.
  6. All users in the organization will be under the same base plan. In case you need additional storage for selected users, you may buy storage units and apply to the selected users.
  7. Provide your card details with the correct validity, city and street address details.
  8. In case there is any mismatch with the data in the bank, the transaction may be rejected by your bank. 
  9. Your basic card details and the address details will be stored in Payment Gateway, using which your future upgrades/ renewals etc will be processed at our end. 
  10. In case you happen to change the address with your bank or want to use a different card for subsequent renewals, change your credit card details in Zoho Subscriptions. 

On successful transaction, your account will be upgraded to the selected plan. In case there are any payment failures, you may change your card details and retry. 

Upgrade/ Buy additional licenses

In paid plans, you will be able to add the number of users, based on the number of user licenses purchased. To add more users, you can increase the number of licenses any time you require. In case you are in annual payment, you will be paying for the new licenses only in prorated basis.

Suppose you buy a new license in the middle of your payment cycle, say when you have your renewal date after 4 months, the new user will be charged only for the 4 months. i.e. The upgrades or additional licenses purchased in the middle of the payment cycle will be charged from the date the purchase is made and until the next renewal date.

Steps to upgrade licenses: 

  1. Login to as Super Administrator. 
  2. Click Subscription in the top bar to view your current subscription details.
  3. You will see the option to add more users or upgrade/ downgrade plan when you hover the mouse over your plan details. 
  4. Select Add users to purchase more licenses. 
  5. Provide the number of users you require and click Upgrade
  6. The pro-rata amount based on your renewal date and the number of users will be displayed, which will be charged to the card during the upgrade.
  7. The renewals for the organization occurs on a single date and hence the current charges will be based on the next renewal date. 
  8. In case the transaction could not be completed, check your card details saved with us. 

Buy Additional Storage

Email is not just a mode of communication but serves as a track of previous important communications which you may have to refer from time to time. The storage requirement for each user varies based on the user's email behavior, nature of the job and other communications. Zoho Mail provides various basic storage options, based on the plan of the organization, same for all users.  However, some users may need more space for email due to their job requirements or their nature of work. 

The admin can choose to buy additional storage units and allocate to selected users, who need more storage for their email data. The 25GB, 50GB, 100 GB and 200 GB storage units are available for the admins to choose from. In the Manage subscription section, the list of all available add-on storage details is provided for the admins to choose from. 

In case a user needs more than 200 GB, the admin can buy multiple add-on storages and allocate to the same user. 

Allocate Additional Storage

The administrator can allocate the licenses and the storage for the users from the Mail Storage page. 

Steps to allocate additional storage:  

  1. Login to as Super Administrator
  2. Go to your Control Panel, and click Mail Storage section.
  3. For each user, the base plan will be allocated by default. 
  4. Click the edit icon next to the Additional storage, to view and allocate the available additional storage units.
  5. The basic storage will be displayed. Provide the additional storage required for the account and check the total storage allocated. 
  6. Click Save to allocate the add-on storages to the account.
  7. You can select 'Reset all add-on storage to zero', to revert the allotted storage to the basic storage itself. 

Change Credit Card Details

You can modify the credit card details stored with us, for other future upgrades or renewals. Follow the steps below to change your card details. 

  1. Login to as Super Administrator
  2. Click Subscription in the top bar to view your current subscription details. 
  3. In the top Right corner, click the ellipsis (three dots) to view the menu options. 
  4. Select Billing Details, and choose, Change Card Details.
  5. Provide the new card details and save.
  6. You can also update the Billing Address, by selecting the 'Change Address' option.

View Payment History

You can view the details of your past payments like upgrades, renewals etc. from the Payment History section.

  1. Login to as Super Administrator.
  2. Click Subscription in the top bar to view your current subscription details.
  3. In the top Right corner, click the Settings icon. 
  4. Select Payment History to view the past changes in plans, payments, and renewals. 
  5. You can search the transactions or filter the details from the list of transactions.

Payment Modes

We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Discover. You can also pay via Paypal, Bank transfer. Please reach us at for any further details. 

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel and downgrade to free plan to stop the further renewal of your subscription and to continue in the free plan. Follow the steps below to cancel the subscription.

  1. Login to as Super Administrator. 
  2. Click Subscription in the top bar to view your current subscription details.
  3. You will see the option to change the plan when you hover the mouse over your plan details.
  4. Select Change Plan to view your current plan and the other options available.
  5. Select Downgrade option under 'Free' plan to cancel your subscription and move to the Free plan.

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